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GATS Membership Renewal

Thank you for your interest in GATS membership.

Prior to renewing, please see the expiration date of your current membership (you must log in to view your membership status).  Please use the email id you registered to sign in to avoid adding duplicate entries to your records. The system will indicate something like "Your Family membership expired on October 1st, of the current year."  You only need to renew if it has already expired or will expire in the near future. Membership will be effective for the period of January - December of the calendar year. Even if you renewed your GATS membership recently, it will expire by 31 December of the current year except for Lifetime Membership. Any questions, please reach out to

If you have never been a GATS member, fill out the New Member Registration Form first and then remit your membership payment.

To renew just for the current year, please select the membership type for which you are renewing and enter your registered email.  You will then be directed to the PayPal website to remit your payment.


NOTE: Student membership is for someone who is studying college. Parents, please do not choose student membership for yourself assuming your child can participate in any GATS program. That is not a valid membership. Please choose family membership.

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Provide your personal information associated with the above email address.  If you are already logged in, these fields will be pre-filled, and you can take the opportunity to make any corrections.  If you are not logged in or non-member, the email address/name will be utilized to send confirmation and store your registration record.